Friday, July 9, 2010

Vibrating draws

so..... it all started with a confusion over the cable internet service

his father rather charmingly getting our service cut off by neglecting to mention on the phone that he was blah blah blah the II not blah blah blah the III
resulting in the service getting cut off

the only way to resolve the issue (according to this company) was to have a cable guy come out and turn us on via the out side box

(now i see where your going with the connexion between Vibrators and turn on .. but no sorry its not a fun kinky story, just a day in the life of a boring average house wife)

any way i was informed that this guy would be coming into the house as well to, check the modem, so like any normal average house wife i tidied up paying close attention to around the modem... which was located at the top of the bed on a ledge... incidental the same place i kept the Vibrator ...welllll its a handy ledge what can i say

(yes get over it us old buggers enjoy sex too)

figuring to remove any possible humiliation i swept it off into the draw, after turning it off of course

(no i hadn't interrupted my daily routine to indulge in a spot of fun the damn thing has a hair trigger if you as much as touch the base it sets it off)

so...the house was nice and spick an span

(or at least everything was hidden under the bed in cupboards or swept under the carpet)

it was near time for the cable guy, time to make sure iv got enough cash to pay him, grab the cash set it on the stand ready... sweep all the odd sods change and loose dollars into the draw, being careful not to set of the vibrator, seriously don't want that busy buzzing whilst hes here.

so............ cable guy appears

i show him the nice pretty twinkly lights on the modem

(only four because bloody things turned off)

he decides he has to change the modem too.. for which he has to sprawl over the bed to do of course... thank god i hid the vibrator there's no way he could of missed it other wise

he was incidentally a very nice fella

nice fella or not though the further 30 min's he had to spend sprawled across my bed in front of the lap top, talking to the damned cable company to get them to understand they had to bloody turn it on at their end, his presence was beginning to agitate me, (i wanted my house back, i hate having to deal with people)

finally he says "let me get off the bed and we can get the paper work signed" (something I'm sure he doesn't get to say to most customers)

papers signed i had over the cash which of course he doesn't have change for urrrrrrrrrrrrgh by now I'm really wanting my house back, so plodding over to the draw i go to rummage for change... completely forgetting about the vibrator and setting it off in the process... with the cable guy at my side... wearing a very, very, very huge grin i might add

did you know its very, very difficult to finalise a cable contract with a vibrator's buzzing in the draw... the noise gets amplified by the loose change held there in... and its very off putting when the guys standing there grinning like a Cheshire cat that ate a canary and all the while his eyes are riveted on the buzzing draw


anyway just thought id share that little disaster with you, I'm not sure why

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