Friday, July 9, 2010

Stephen Fry

iv been wondering lately about this odd compulsion to cyber stalk poor Mr Stephen Fry(other than the obvious fact that hes one of the few celebrities that actually has anything interesting to say)

well ok cyber stalk is possibly too strong a term to use

but certainly a desire to keep an eye out for his twitters as they get sent out, and check out his sites
(no the term "sites" is not a euphemism)

after all its not really that like me to get all that worked up about celebrities so how could i rationalize it
then it struck me .....

its bloody food ... im equating the poor bugger with food lol

no not because the name reminds me of a bloody good fry up
but because his posts are usually around midnight my time
thats around my lunch time
(yes im that screwed up )
i have a terrible habit of forgetting to eat

especially when i get to painting or working online
and Stephens' tweets around the appropriate time of the night
are more regular than a Buddhist monk on an All Bran diet

very, very convenient
(well..... its the only picture iv ever did of a buddha and i couldnt resist adding it here)

so, although he'll never get to read this ... my thanks to Mr Stephen Fry
for your tweeting and reminding me its time to get off my ass and eat
of course this means i can also blame him when i start to gain too many extra pounds

hmm if he ever stops tweeting will i just fade away


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