Wednesday, August 18, 2010

computers and bossy folk

a while back.........
my fella and i both knew we needed a new computer,

(well actually we need more than one...)
mainly because the old one is ... well bloody old .. and its on off switch is a cotton bud (un-used of course...)
not to mention the fact that half of its keys have fallen off, (and fallen some where behind the dash board of the truck) and i seriously cant be bothered fixing it any way right now any way.

 as far as programing goes it has so many conflicts going on that im pretty sure its now suffering from either split personalities, or post traumatic stress disorder (depending on which phase its in) its battery long ago decided sod this for a game of soldiers im going on strike.

(all though to be fair its still in better nick than the prior computer where i was reduced to cutting up a baked bean can to reinvent the pin and housing for the power supply, amazing what you can do with a pair of scissors some old wire and a can.. and i didnt even need any stick backed plastic... of course its duct tape hinges were far neater than the pin and added an instant classic touch)

am i trained in this shit ??? errr no lol does it show? ;-)

to be fair i dont usually use such odd repair practices as cotton buds and baked beans cans but when your in a pinch you work with what you have... usually ill use the proper parts when i can get hold of them ..

of course being that im self taught this means i connect the thingamajig to the whatsit and then solder onto the thingamabob... using this method iv built two computers from the ground up... and Frankensteined another couple... not to mention repairs on other

now what to get what to get .... one that has a certain durability obviously ....

one can be a low grade backup just email and simple surf kinda thing pretty much any basic run of the mill kinda thing will do ... except i hate the way HP is put together because its bloody inconvenient for me to spit and bail wire it if i have too... and i tend to be able to find less interchangeable spare parts when needed
the other though
needs to be able to handle three d wire world sculpting environments and breeze through blender and daz
i work a lot of graphics and im sick of computers going into shock when im juggling between several high end graphics programs.. basic cheap run of the mill wont do ... im thinking either a decent standard gaming computer or just bloody build one to spec.
at this point were not certain which were getting but leaning towards the most expensive one first
(ok the cheap basic one won first)

now ... on to bossy people

... so my fella mentions to some particularly controlling folk we know were thinking of buying a computer ... and hes immediately told by a guy that hasnt even mastered spell check or instant messaging what computer he absolutely has to buy ...

and the guy (lets call him Mr A)gets quite stroppy about it too lol  .. despite me pointing out the fact that in order to recommend a computer to some one you do actually need to know what they are going to be using said computer for... and seeing as Mr A hadnt even bothered inquiring about that... how the hell could he get stroppy if we didnt agree with his choice... ohh but apparently some site said that this particular type was the best to get .... ohh k ... try pointing out to this type of person .. (one) you dont know whos hands are in whos pockets with sites... and (two) the site is working on the assumption that the operator is only going to be surfing and emailing... and (three) they are also operating on the assumption that your never going to fix or upgrade the damned thing yourself...   and (four) unless its a high end gaming or graphics site i really dont give a flying fuck what they recommend.

the result in this case was a rather sad attempt at sarcasm in the form of an email from Mr A's allie Miss B and how in her informed opinion Mr A was actually correct and she should know because shes hooked up a network...

 ... lol well shit why didnt you tell me you actually were able to run a prewritten program and follow its instructions correctly cuz damn that just totally overwhelms any experience i have, i mean the fact i can actually write fucking programs and build goddamn computers is piss all in comparison ... (granted i havent written any in years and i have to play catch up on the new crap but thats totally besides the point) any way apparently her work use these computers and so of course she knows what shes talking about ... ooookkkk but unless you happen to be working in an animation studio whatever you use at work is totally bloody irrelevant ... because STILL the point remains IT DEPENDS ON THE WHAT THAT COMPUTERS BEING USED FOR ... computers are tools like any other frigging tool you need the right one for a specific job.. you also need one that isnt going to have a melt down when you install blender, daz, paintshop pro, and so forth into it and can run them simultaneously .... with out having time to grab a coffee between each clicked edit .

i mean seriously .... i dont know much about computers (and iv forgotten a lot of what i did know) im no expert and compared to all the computer geeks out there im a bloody retard but for christ sake dont try and bully me into buying what you want.... when you can barely figure out emailing and when your sole bloody qualification is you can run a fucking program and do what it tells you to do geeeeeze... especially if you dont even know enough about computer to realise that what computer you need depends on what you are going to be useing it for.

any way to cut long story short (what do you mean to late) my fella went and got the kind they recommended lol
mz cotton bud candy (yes my putes get name's) had decided to go into a temporary conflict coma
and my fella decided to dash out for a new one
(i think the fact i was going insane with boredom, climbing the walls, frothing at the mouth and yelling at mz cotton bud candy might of hastened his decision)
although he says he didnt allow Mr A to bully him it to his choice... it was just a case that it happened to be the cheapest there .. now hes stuck with a computer that hes already outgrown (hes getting into gaming now and the computers already developing a nervous tic)
(on a side note you will be happy to know mz cotton bud candy came out of her coma the next day)

moral of the story DO YOUR RESEARCH DONT LISTEN TO IDIOTS AND ALLOW FOR THE POSSIBILITIES OF NEEDING MORE preferably before you actually need to run out and buy one fast because your old one died in a puff of neurotic smoke

next savings go to my computer ... im thinking custom, but ....  if you do actually know something about high graphics capability in computers and have a suggestion for a particular make/model im open to ideas. something easily accessible with easily obtained parts for preference